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Calcification in our body

Calcification attacks all areas of our body including the brain and nervous system, the eyes, the heart, circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive system, endocrine system, urinary system, breasts, teeth and gums, skin and bones.

The following partial list contains a body part or system followed by several calcification related conditions that affect that part or system:

  • brain and nervous system (alzheimer’s disease, stroke, brain tumours)
  • teeth and gums (advanced dental plaque, gum disease)
  • breasts (breast cancer, tuberculosis, breast implant calcification)
  • digestive system (gallstones, crohn’s disease, colon cancer)
  • urinary system (kidney stones)
  • reproductive system (ovarian cancer, ovarian cysts)
  • eyes (cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration)
  • heart and circulatory system (heart valve calcification, atherosclerosis and other vascular disease)
  • skin (wrinkles, scleroderma, cellulite)
  • endocrine system (Addison’s disease, hypoparathyroidism)
  • bones (osteoarthritis, bone spurs, bursitis, tendonitis, bone cancer)

The SHOCKING truth About Calcium Supplements

Should you STOP taking calcium supplements? YES, Stop taking calcium supplements immediately, including and especially coral calcium, oyster shell calcium, and any calcium in any form that was originally mined out of the Earth (e.g. Calcium citrate, calcium carbonate).

Calcium supplements of almost every sort and description cause calcification. They act like sand in the gears of our tissues. They are deposited in the body as sediment. The calcium supplements must be stopped in order for us to decalcify and remineralize our bones. Calcium supplements cause aging and premature death. As well, they do NOT increase bone density and strength.

According to the great philosopher, Rudolf Steiner, who was also the developer of Waldorf education and creator of biodynamic farming, most calcium is gravitational and channels or conducts forces which accelerate gravity. The more calcium supplements one takes, the quicker we are dragged back into the Earth for recycling.

Not all calcium is bad. Bad calcium is positively charged; good calcium is negatively charged. The calcium naturally found in plants(vegetables, the pit of citrus fruits, carob, mesquite and wheatgrass, etc) is perfectly fine for consumption. Raw dairy products from free-range animals are also a good source of good calcium (if you have the enzymes to digest them). Pearl calcium is also safe to consume if you feel you require a calcium supplement. Pearl carries the proper negative charge, is time-proven to be safe, and carries signal proteins that increase mineralization. Pearl also assists in calcium’s natural and rational function of detoxication and relaxation. In particular, good calcium from green-leafy vegetable sources is essential for detoxification, muscle relaxation, lowering tension and creating alkalinity.

The “Calcium Theory”, that we have to eat calcium to produce calcium for our bones, has led to more suffering than just about any theory ever developed by humanity. This theory is based on Lavoisier’s Law which essentially states that a mineral is a mineral and cannot be changed (nothing is lost, nothing is gained, everything is transformed). Lavoisier gave us the idea that a lack of calcium must mean we need to eat more calcium. The European alchemists never bought into Lavoisier’s Law and always opposed it. Later in the 1950’s, the french scientist Professor C.L. Kervran discovered that multiple types of low-energy transmutations of one mineral into another were occurring inside living organisms. Kervran’s work led to the discovery that supplemental silicon (horsetail herb extract) as well as magnesium (raw cacao/chocolate) could remineralize porous or damaged bone with calcium. This discovery indicates that silicon and magnesium are being biologically transmuted into calcium in the bones; therefore, in order to increase our bone density, we need to consume the minerals silicon and magnesium-NOT calcium.

So, two minerals assist in remineralizing bone: silicon and magnesium. Silicon-rich herbs (horsetail, nettle, hemp leaf, oatstraw) and silicon-rich supplements, as well as magnesium-rich superfoods (cacao or raw chocolate) and magnesium-rich supplements increase healthy mineralization and reduce calcification.

Avoiding the following is recommended:

  • Sugar and excessive fruits or sweeteners; excessive sugars of all type cause demineralization and feed calcium-forming organisms, viruses, candida, bad bacteria, unwanted guests and mutated cells.
  • Alcohol-consuming alcohol increases our risk of an early death-the more alcohol, the higher the risks.
  • Recreational drugs: chemical and heavy-metal contamination within legal or illegal drugs is common. Natural superfood and superherb highs are better anyway.
  • Tobacco: chemical tobacco is contaminated with 4,000 different chemicals.
  • Caffeine: curtail coffee habits as best you can by eating chocolate(raw cacao products). Contrary to popular belief, raw chocolate is a poor source of caffeine.

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