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I have tried many health products in my search to help people alleviate the symptoms of EMF Toxicity, and I have found a few that I highly recommend.These products are available to purchase through my business, please contact me for more information on purchasing.

Life Strength – The Vitamin You Wear™


While today’s technology has improved, simplified and secured our environment, it has simultaneously created some significant negative health ramifications. Our increased exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic discharge, and other neurological and physical toxins has paralleled rising rates of cancers, stress, sleep disorders and a myriad of accompanying illnesses. Click Here To Learn More

Electro Magnetic Frequency Protection Products


EMF patches for home and office. Neutralize harmful electromagnetic frequencies that are constantly being transmitted from your cell phone, house phones, computers, TV sets, stereo equipment and other appliances in your home and work environment. Simple small and powerful! Click Here To Learn More

Other products I highly recommend but do not sell directly:


“Eat Right 4 your Type” by Dr. Peter J. D”Adamo

When I muscle test people, everyone’s bodies say yes to this way of eating. I highly recommend this book to my clients.
Click Here To Purchase on

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