Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is often a transformational experience. It supports the healing of your body, mind and spirit. These healing energies are felt during your session and long after your session is completed.

You will be operating at a higher frequency level then ever before.

University-based scientific research conducted at the University of Arizona’s Laboratory for advances in Consciousness and Health indicates that the Reconnective Healing frequencies are the most powerful healing frequencies ever observed in the University Research Labs to date.

People who have received Reconnective Healing have been associated with the sudden disappearance of cancer, aids-related diseases, arthritis, impaired mobility, pain, depression, fibromyalgia and many other health conditions.

Reconnective Healing connects us to the fullness of the Universe and to who we are. These healing frequencies benefit everyone either in person or via distance healing.

For a Reconnective Healing session, click here.

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