Ear Acupressure & Reflexology

The Power of the Ear

Acupressure meridians are a map of the body. Because of the location and sensitivity of the ear, it is the perfect healing and pain relieving tool. The Ear is not walked on or needed for any movement (compared to foot reflexology) so long term healing processes are possible with the Ear Acupuncture points that are actively useful for 3-5 days. Patients can press the seeds once every hour (more often if needed) and give themselves a healing treatment each time.

Our bodies have an intricate communication/healing/pain-relief/energy movement system built in. Our normal physical functioning works automatically and constantly on many levels. If you know what to look for your entire medical history is written there. If you have black or brown marks or moles, indicate old injuries or traumas to the body. Current inflammation are red swollen areas of the body. Surgeries show up as a scar and /or small hole. Back injuries show up as bumps in the spinal ridge areas. Most common ailments that show up are stiffness in the spine and other areas of the body represent arthritis in various stages. Most arthritis begins with poor circulation causing build-up of toxins and waste materials that the body can’t deal with because of lack of energy, lack of nutrition, lack of circulation, anxiety, trauma, lack of sleep.

These wastes/toxins are then deposited by the body in joints, arteries, fat cells and other locations away from major organs which are vulnerable to damage from these toxins. Toxins cause pain if the body can’t clear them. The most dangerous toxins are the residue of chemicals from medication, processed foods, pollution and alcohol.

The body is not equipped to deal with these toxins and looses it ability to maintain a normal level of health.

The aim of acupressure is to help the body heal itself. By clearing meridian lines of obstructions and providing missing nutrients, your body is allowed to return to its normal state, which is one of vitality and well-being.

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