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Hello, I’m Suzanne,

I’d like to share with you a little about me. I’m looking forward to working with you and learning about your health needs. Please always feel free to contact me via email with questions you may have. I’m here to serve you in an effort to create the healthy lifestyle you’re striving for.

Growing up in Northern Ontario, many summers were enjoyed working with young children. As my passion grew, I enrolled and completed my education as an Early Childhood Educator in Toronto, Ontario. I have since moved to Vancouver, British Columbia and am happy to say that after 28 years in Childcare, I am still excited and proud of the difference I make in the lives of children. Working with children has taught me to be patient, practice good listening skills and be a great cheerleader for all the small and large steps you will take towards achieving your powerful lifestyle goals. I will also be challenging you to do your best by identifying your strengths so you can maximize your potential.

Since l983, I have been a Leader, Mentor and Coordinator in an organization called the Family of Women. I have learned the importance of having a Vision and Purpose for my Life. I have also seen the value of having standards and core values that support my life and the lives of others. Learning to Trust and Accept myself, and to lead and inspire others along this path of personal growth has been incredibly fulfilling. I will believe in you even through times when you no longer believe in yourself. I know that you have natural gifts and talents to solving most if not all of your problems and I will hold that Context throughout our Wellness Agreement.

In the past 13 years, I have a thirst for knowledge about Health, Wellness and Longevity and I am excited to share any information that may be helpful to you. I am trained in Ear Reflexology so the body can find balance. I eat foods that nourish my body, mind and soul. I am trained in the Emotion  Code which releases negative trapped emotions that create pain and suffering.  I am also in the process of being trained in Reconnective Healing which is a powerful and extraordinary healing tool.

Having lived in Vancouver for 32 years, I am constantly reminded of how fortunate I am to live near the ocean, overlooking the beautiful city and the majestic mountains. My home is a peaceful oasis for myself and for my cat Tika.

I strive to find balance as a daughter, friend, co-worker and business owner. I understand how challenging it can be to achieve and believe balance is essential to living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

I take pleasure in gardening, walking, hiking, dancing, traveling and being with my family and friends.

Now that you know who Suzanne Lightheart is, let’s focus back on you and start moving towards your health goals. Send me an email to get started: click here

Wellness Unleashed

Suzanne Lightheart
1182 Forge Walk
Vancouver, BC
(False Creek Area)

Phone: 604-731-9334

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